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Migration Services

1. Providing consultations on migration issues;

2. Filling out migration documents, questionnaires, applications, petitions, etc.;

3. Representation of interests and protection of foreigners in the migration police, the center for the provision of migration services, law enforcement agencies and courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4. Legal regulation of the activities of foreign companies in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5. Migration registration/extension of migration registration;

6. Obtaining a certificate of assignment of an IIN (individual identification number) for foreign citizens, as well as a BIN (business identification number) for foreign legal entities;

7. Visa support for foreign citizens, obtaining a single-entry/multiple-entry tourist/work/business visa;

8. Legal support for foreign citizens wishing to obtain a residence permit/citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

9. Obtaining, extending, cancellation a work permit;

10. Issuing and extending permits to employers to attract foreign labor;

11. Migration audit of personnel documentation, employment contracts, legality of available documents, status of foreign workers, identification and elimination of violations;

12. Determining the optimal organizational and legal form for doing business in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

13. Registration of Kazakhstan legal entities (limited liability partnerships, joint-stock companies), branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Kazakhstan;

14. Legal support for the conclusion of marriages with foreign citizens;

15. Obtaining certificates and other documents for foreigners in the territory of Kazakhstan;

16. Support of the procedure of loss of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan upon acquisition of citizenship of another state

Judicial practice

1. Representation of the interests of the parties in civil, arbitration, administrative and criminal courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2. Representation of interests in the court of the Astana International Financial Center;

3. Recognition of foreign and arbitral descisions of courts in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4. Representing the interests of the parties in civil, arbitration, administrative and criminal courts of Russia;

5. Representation of the interests of the parties in International arbitration courts;

6. Representation of the parties in the International Court of Justice of the UN in The Hague;

7. Representing the interests of the parties in the High Court of England and Wales.

1. Consultations on enforcement proceedings;

2. Taking a full range of restrictive measures against the debtor

3. Support of the course of enforcement proceedings;

4. Audit of enforcement proceedings materials;

5. Development of a strategy for the execution of a court decision

6. Development of debtors protection schemes;

7. Enforcement of foreign and arbitral decisions of courts in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

8. Appeal against the actions/inaction of the court bailiff;

9. Support of enforcement proceedings of a non-property nature (eviction, demolition, obligation, seizure, release, prohibition, etc.).

10. Retrieval of debtor;

11. Identification of the debtor's property, including accounts receivable;

12. Support for the realization of the debtor's property;

13. Postponement/installment of execution of a court decision;

14. Temporary suspension of temporary travel restrictions;

15. Seizure and examination of the debtor's accounting documents in order to identify accounts receivable, as well as the facts of the withdrawal of property;

16. Support of the process of bringing the debtor to administrative and criminal liability

Enforcement proceeding

1. Legal entities registration;

2. Obtaining licenses;

3. Development of internal documents of a legal entity in accordance with the AIFC regulations;

4. Representation of interests in the AIFC court

5. Redomiciliation;

AIFC Services

1. Audit of the Customer's current contracts;

2. Development of standard contracts;

3. Development of exclusive contracts for the requests of the Customer;

4. Development of prenuptial agreements;

5. Development of additional agreements to the contract;

6.Development of collective contracts;

7. Recognition of contracts as invalid;

Development of contracts and agreements
1. Consultations on criminal cases;

2. Representing the interests of victims at any stage of the process in the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, DER, Antikor, KNB, prosecutor's office, court;

3. Preparation and submission of an application for the initiation of a criminal case;

4. Collection of evidence in criminal cases;

5. Development of an optimal protection position;

6. Participation in investigative activities (interrogations, confrontations, investigative experiment, etc.);

7. Participation in court sessions;

8. Conducting an independent investigation;

9. Support of the punishment replacement process;

10. Support of the process of obtaining parole;

11. Withdrawal and early repayment of criminal record;

12. Lifting of arrests imposed in criminal cases.

Criminal law practice

Corporate Law and M&A

1. Consulting on corporate governance issues;

2. Comprehensive services for legal entities on a subscription basis;

3. Preparation of conclusions on corporate law issues;

4. Registration, re-registration, reorganization (M&A) of legal entities;

5. Registration of branches and representative offices of legal entities;

6. Voluntary liquidation of companies and closure of branches and representative offices;

7. Bankruptcy, rehabilitation, restructuring procedure of legal entities;

8. Building and optimizing holding structures;

9. Formation of collective ventures, including the development of corporate agreements, special charters and internal regulations;

10. Prevention and resolution of corporate conflicts;

11. Change of the first head, increase/decrease of the charter capital of the company, change of the legal address and other corporate procedures;

12. Consulting on the structuring of transactions and investments from the point of view of dispute resolution;

13. Corporate Secretary services;

14. Assessment of the company's management, development of an action plan to improve it, support of the company in the implementation of the action plan;

15. Development of a suitable corporate governance model, the necessary package of documents (including the corporate governance code, charter, regulations on agencies, etc.);

16. Development of an investment dipositing and withdrawal strategy;

17. Evaluation of the activities of the Board of Directors;

18. Protection of shareholders' rights;

19. Verification of future purchase and sale transactions of companies, taking into account all significant aspects - taxation, licensing, national security, etc.;

20. Conducting due diligence of counterparties;

21. Support of inspections of government agencies;

22. Countering an unfriendly takeover (raider takeover);

23. Countering and prosecuting industrial espionage attempts;

Intellectual property law

1. International registration of intellectual property objects (trademarks, inventions and utility models, objects of copyright and related rights) at all stages of registration – filing an application, control, appeal against refusal

2. Trademark search in international databases;

3. Consulting on the use, pledge, security and protection of intellectual property (trademarks, inventions and utility models, objects of copyright and related rights)

4. Legal examination of intellectual property objects;

5. Registration of intellectual property objects in the customs register of intellectual property objects;

6. Preparation of draft contracts (license, copyright, franchising, collateral) and their registration with the authorized government agencies;

7. Judicial representation on issues of protection of intellectual property rights;

8. Pledge of the exclusive right;

9. Preventive/claim measures for the protection of intellectual property;

10. Judicial protection of intellectual property;;

11. Identification and fight against counterfeiting and copyright violations.

Licenses and permits

1. Legal support of the process of obtaining licenses, permits and special rights;

2. Registration of documents required to obtain a license or permit;

3. Legal support for the approval of government agencies and other organizations required to obtain licenses, permits and special rights;

4. Conducting an audit of the Client's activities in order to identify the necessary licenses, permits and special rights to work in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5. Preparation of the Client's employees for inspections by government agencies on the issues of maintaining previously obtained licenses, permits and special rights;

6. Appeal against acts and actions of government agencies in the field of licensing.
Before starting a business, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client, which will allow you to remain calm about your private information.
The liability of employees of the SHIELD Group of companies is insured for 1 billion tenge.
The Company's employees have received appropriate accreditation from the Ministry of Justice
of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
The Company's employees were educated in different countries of the world – Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, which allows them to freely navigate disputes with foreign jurisdictions.
80% of the group's employees previously served in government agencies
We are able to resist attempts by opponents to connect administrative and criminal resources to resolve the issue in their favor.
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Formation of an individual offer for the Customer, agreement of the contract, resolution of disputes, signing of the Contract.
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The start of the project, the direct execution of the work.
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Completion of the work. Transfer of project results to the Customer. Signing of the act of completed works.
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