Phisycal Security


What will you get?

Regular protection

1. Ensuring safety at facilities in a high-risk area.

2. Warehouse security.

3. Store security.

4. Event security.

5. Protection of deposits.

6. Protection of factories.

7. Protection of state facilities.

Emergency protection

1. Provision of bodyguard services.

2. Provision of paramilitary rapid response teams with the ability to fly anywhere in the world.

3. Support of the course of special operations.

4. Encashment service

5. Armed courier delivery.

6. Cargo support.

Audit, consulting, training

1. Audit of the security service, identification of "gaps" in the security system.

2. Training of the company's personnel and assistance in certification of the security service according to ISO 9001, IronColt Security Academy, City& Guilds, SIA, ASIS and ATAB standards.

3. Audit of the client's facilities.

4. Development of a passport of anti-terrorist security of the facility.

5. Security issues consultations
We do not economize on the equipment and equipment of our employees. We use executive class cars, the best weapons in Kazakhstan, uniforms, and special equipment.
Only the best
LLP "Paramilitary Security Service Shield 7" has been repeatedly awarded diplomas from government, law enforcement, special agencies and commercial organizations.
The results and details of each operation, as well as the audit results, are confidential and are not subject to publication and disclosure
We are in constant interaction with law enforcement and special agencies.
We are constantly studying the operational situation at and around the facility with the help of special means, including unmanned aerial vehicles.
The Universal Soldier
Depending on the task, the rapid response team may include fighters, shooters, a psychologist, a medic, a lawyer.
The senior paramilitary groups were previously officers of the highest command level.
Our employees are constantly improving their skills: theoretical and practical.
Completed courses
Protection on all fronts
View the list of completed trainings
We have armored vehicles in our arsenal and there is an opportunity to attract small aircraft forces.
1. Practical shooting course;
2. Air Marshals course;
3. Anti-terrorist activities;
4. Corporate security;
5. ensuring the safety of aircraft;
6. "You are help until help arrives";
7. First aid;
8. the course of practical medicine;
9. Basic law course;
and other security training programs
Initial contact
You leave a request on our website, a personal manager contacts you and provides detailed information on all types of services.
Technical Assignment
Our analyst meets with you to give you a consultation and draw up a technical assignment according to your requirements
After agreeing on the techical assignment, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The company's specialists study the information and documents received from the Customer and determine the further course of action.
Formation of an individual offer for the Customer, agreement of the contract, resolution of disputes, signing of the Contract.
Start of work
The start of the project, the direct execution of the work.
Project completion
Completion of the work. Transfer of project results to the Customer. Signing of the act of completed works.
Project support
Within a certain period of time after the work is carried out, the Customer is accompanied in all areas of the work performed and given appropriate consultation.
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