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Technical Security


What will you get?

Security of the territory and premises

1. Security alarm system

2. Fire alarm system

3. A set of measures for the installation of enclosing structures aimed at protecting premises and territory from unauthorized entry and burglary.

4. Installation of electronic locks impossible to break into on external and internal doors/gates/etc

5. Organization of gateway crossings with a facial recognition system.

Premises Control

1. Access control system ACS.
Personal card/fingerprint pass (live finger detection).

2. A system for analyzing the movement of employees, guests, and cargo. A "heat map" of staff activity. Identification of places where people gather. RTLS system

3. Video surveillance system

4. Accounting of employees' working hours

5. GPS monitoring of transport and cargo movement.

Safe functioning of the business

1. Установка систем резервного питания. Обеспечение бесперебойной работы серверного и офисного оборудования.

1. Installation of backup power supply systems. Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of server and office equipment.

3.Ensuring security at negotiations and business meetings by detecting and neutralizing the means of hidden video and audio surveillance.

4. Constant monitoring of the information infrastructure of the enterprise, warning and prevention of failures in the operation of server, network equipment and business processes.
Before starting a business, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client, which will allow you to remain calm about your private information.
The liability of employees of the SHIELD Group of companies is insured for 1 billion tenge.
The Company's employees have received appropriate accreditation from the Ministry of Justice
of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
The Company's employees were educated in different countries of the world – Great Britain, Russia, Kazakhstan, which allows them to freely navigate disputes with foreign jurisdictions.
80% of the group's employees previously served in government agencies
We are able to resist attempts by opponents to connect administrative and criminal resources to resolve the issue in their favor.
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Initial contact
You leave a request on our website, a personal manager contacts you and provides detailed information on all types of services.
Technical Assignment
Our analyst meets with you to give you a consultation and draw up a technical assignment according to your requirements
After agreeing on the techical assignment, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The company's specialists study the information and documents received from the Customer and determine the further course of action.
Formation of an individual offer for the Customer, agreement of the contract, resolution of disputes, signing of the Contract.
Start of work
The start of the project, the direct execution of the work.
Project completion
Completion of the work. Transfer of project results to the Customer. Signing of the act of completed works.
Project support
Within a certain period of time after the work is carried out, the Customer is accompanied in all areas of the work performed and given appropriate consultation..
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