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SHIELD GROUP OF COMPANIES - legal business security from a national supplier according to international standards

Legal services for companies on a subscription basis

A qualified round-the-clock team of lawyers with at least 10 years of experience
By choosing us, you will receive unique expertise in the most atypical issues aimed at developing your business and ensuring complete security in all areas!
  • Deep understanding of your business:
    Our company has been operating since 2015 and, since the main activity of the company is working with the corporate sector, during this period we have accumulated extensive experience in various business areas, ranging from SME activities to national companies and international organizations
  • Complexity of solutions:
    By signing a contract with us, you receive comprehensive solutions in our core areas: legal, economic, technical and information security, as well as physical protection.
  • Exclusivity of services:
    Here you can get compliance, enforcement, profiling, countering unfair competition/industrial espionage/ raiding, and many other atypical needs of an actively developing business.
  • AIFC:
    we are a nominee of the republican award "The Best Lawyer of the AIFC", our specialists are included in the register of lawyers of the AIFC, we are deeply involved in the activities of the AIFC, always aware of current trends and changes in legislation.
  • GR, PR, HR:
    For you, we are building a system of relationships with the state (Government Relations), society (Public Relations), and employees (Human Resources).
  • AML/CFT ("Countering money laundering and terrorist financing."):
    Taking into account the need to study our counterparties, as well as their sources of receipt of funds, which is one of the main requirements of the financial monitoring agency, we provide such services, prepare the necessary conclusions, and also conduct training in the AML/CFT area.
"Civilization has led to the fact that it no longer matters who is right and who is wrong; it matters whose lawyer is better or worse"

A few facts about why we are the best:
    Our team provides non-stop assistance to our clients, protecting their sleep, rest and peace of mind.
    Both international companies and small and medium-sized businesses turn to us to provide the services of the outsource legal department
    The total amount of debt returned by our company to customers from their debtors
    They were satisfied with our services and/or continue to work with us on other issues.
  • 1-3 DAYS
    That's how long it takes to prepare the documents you need of ANY complexity, including individual and non-standard requests
  • 20 000 TENGE
    The affordable cost of the first consultation online or offline, at your chosen time. You will receive an action plan, an explanation of the situation from the point of view of the law and the preparation of practical recommendations. Departure to a place convenient for you is possible by prior arrangement.
    Before starting a business, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with each client, which will allow you to remain calm about your secrets.
    The Company's employees have received appropriate accreditation from the Ministry of Justice
    of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
We have extensive experience working with international, state and quasi-state companies:
We work with market leaders in such areas as aviation, diplomatic organizations, tobacco manufacturing, healthcare, education, investment funds, second-tier banks and financial organizations, hotel and restaurant chains, IT products, passenger transport, retail chains, non-profit organizations and foundations, household appliances, tourism. We present for your review a list of partner companies, letters of thanks from various organizations and video feedback from satisfied customers.
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Комплексная защита бизнеса
Комплексная защита бизнеса
Комплексная защита бизнеса
Комплексная защита бизнеса

Video review about our work from the director of the company for the manufacture of stone countertops.
Video review about our work from the director of a network of private kindergartens "MyKid" (LLP Алим1701).
Video review about our work from the director of the construction company LLP "StatusPro".
The activities of the "SHIELD" Group have been repeatedly noted in various media.
Follow the links to get acquainted with the materials in the primary sources.
Specify the scope of your business and we will make an individual commercial offer especially for you completely free of charge!
It doesn't matter which side has the power; what matters is which side has the right.

V. Hugo

  • Development of contracts and agreements
    Using contract templates from the Internet and outdated forms is highly likely to lead you to losses. Trust us to develop contracts for you and get a high level of protection, order in business and confidence in the future.
  • Provision of services in the AIFC

    We will register your company in the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) and obtain the appropriate licenses for you, which will allow you to attract international investments, providing opportunities for successful business in the global economy.
  • Corporate Law and M&A
    Do you want to register or liquidate a company? Or maybe reorganize the business through a merger? Or do you want to clearly regulate the business structure with the development of internal acts? We are ready to help you!
  • Judicial practice
    The judicial system protects your legitimate rights and interests, but you need to be able to convey your position to the court. With us, you can be sure that the court will hear you and justice will prevail.
  • Compliance
    For you, we will develop and implement an effective compliance system that allows you to fulfill your obligations to customers and partners in compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements in the field of your company's activities.
  • Enforcement proceedings
    The power of the law is in its execution. You can win lawsuits for years, but what's the point if the decision is not enforced? Our long-term experience in the field of enforcement proceedings has helped us to develop algorithms that will allow you to execute even the most protracted cases.
  • Migration services
    Are you a representative of a foreign company and do you need to register a staff to work in Kazakhstan? Or maybe you decided to connect your life with Kazakhstan and stay here for a long time? We are ready to help you even in the most difficult situations.
  • Criminal law practice
    Faced with the inaction of law enforcement agencies? Fraud, embezzlement or other crimes? We are ready to become your shield and guide in the world of criminal proceedings!
  • Licenses and permits
    Doing business without the necessary license is criminally punishable. To avoid losses and negative consequences, call us and we will easily help you get the necessary permission.
  • Intellectual property law
    Have you written a smartphone app or a book? Or maybe you are the owner of a recognizable brand? If you do not want to face cases of "piracy" and copyright violations, write to us, we will analyze your case and offer a suitable solution
  • GR (Government Relations)
    Our team of specialists offers an individual approach and an accurate understanding of the requirements and procedures of government regulation so that you can successfully operate in a complex and dynamic environment.
  • Economic security
    We will provide you with financial control, protection of business interests and prevention of economic crisis - all these are the main elements of economic security that help ensure prosperity and sustainability.
Are you not sure what kind of service your business needs? We are here to help! Our team of experts will be happy to advise you and offer the best solution based on the characteristics of your company. Don't waste time searching - trust the professionals and achieve success with us!

The goal of law is to ensure peace; the means to achieve it is struggle.

V. Irving

A law cannot be a law if there is no strong man behind it.

M. Gandhi

If force is united with justice, then what could be stronger than this union?

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